"I started coming [to Yoga in ME] in January of this year because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I needed to get out and do something and this looked like something fun.  It was.   My first class I could barely do one sun salutation and down dog was a 'what you talk'n about Willis'.  But I kept going and each week it got a little easier and more fun.   I found myself sleeping better at night and had more energy during the day.  I looked forward to my Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Nancy.  Her calm composure and endless patience with me and others was just what I needed to stick with it.   Here we are in July and I'm still there, happy to say.  If anyone was to ask me if  they should come I would say 'H*** yes'.   Thank you for becoming a part of my life and teaching me how to take care of ME."

---Kim Sturdevant, Eliot Maine

"I was in very good shape for most of my life, but I had a series of issues with my legs and feet after I turned 35, and then my wife and I started a family, so I got out of shape.   I went through physical therapy, and, as my children grew, I began to have some time to try to get back into shape.   I tried to do the strenuous activities I had done, but they were too much and I spent too much time recuperating.  That made it less likely for me to go back and do those same things.  I had thought about yoga for years, but it just didn't happen.  Then Yoga in ME opened right on my way home.  I took it as an opportunity.  I have been going for about four months, now.  I feel better physically from head to toe.  My core muscles are redeveloping and my back hurts far less than it has, and I now have many stretches to help if it does.  My legs are stronger and I am encouraged that I will be able to hike and skate like I used to do.  Beyond the physical, I love the meditative aspect of yoga, and working with [Nancy] and the other instructors has been an excellent calm focusing amidst a busy life.  Yoga is something I plan on doing for the rest of my life."

--Rich Moore, Eliot ME

"My husband and I started classes at Yoga in ME as our winter gift to ourselves as a way to beat the snow storm doldrums.  We have been attending a few classes a week since January.  We have both noticed the health benefits; my husband is more flexible, and I feel stronger.  Beyond that, we have felt a shift in our lifestyle.  We have ashared activity, one that feels like an investment in our health.  We very much enjoy our time in the studio, and we love meeting the people who frequent Yoga in ME." 

--Sarah Straz, Eliot ME

"I have been a "student" since Feb/March of this year.  My results thus far,  are that my posture has improved as well as my balance, I feel stronger and more limber.  I have practiced Yoga on and off for several years now and do enjoy how it make me feel and look.  I love Yoga in ME because the instructors are GREAT!  The class sizes are small so you get individual attention from the instructors which is valuable if you are new to Yoga.  I love the mind, body, spirit of Yoga and would highly recommend Yoga in ME if your just beginning or if you're a Yogi. "

Karen Estee, Eliot ME

"I enjoy practicing yoga at Yoga in ME because of the camaraderie and feeling of 'belonging'.  The teachers are very professional, but don't take themselves or the classes too seriously.  Each class is unique... but the same.  We laugh, we learn, we trust and we are compassionate - to ourselves and others who sharing the same experience.  I joined with a friend  and am grateful to have made many more.  :)

I go mostly to Whitney's class and have been consistently impressed with her knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She always tells us what muscle we're working on... what it does and how to strengthen or loosen it.  

[Yoga in ME is] a warm and welcoming place with knowledgeable and compassionate teachers and practitioners.  The experience is an excellent blend of mind, body, spirit -- this studio is a great place to be!"

Tracey Lauder, Dover NH

Answers to:  "What is your favorite thing about Yoga in ME?"

"How close it is.  Nancy is very attentive and makes sure we are doing postures correctly.  This makes a huge difference to doing yoga right or wrong, and hurting myself."

--Susan Middleton, Eliot ME