"I started coming [to Yoga in ME] in January of this year because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I needed to get out and do something and this looked like something fun.  It was.   My first class I could barely do one sun salutation and down dog was a 'what you talk'n about Willis'.  But I kept going and each week it got a little easier and more fun.   I found myself sleeping better at night and had more energy during the day.  I looked forward to my Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Nancy.  Her calm composure and endless patience with me and others was just what I needed to stick with it.   Here we are in July and I'm still there, happy to say.  If anyone was to ask me if  they should come I would say 'H*** yes'.   Thank you for becoming a part of my life and teaching me how to take care of ME."

---Kim Sturdevant, Eliot Maine

"I was in very good shape for most of my life, but I had a series of issues with my legs and feet after I turned 35, and then my wife and I started a family, so I got out of shape.   I went through physical therapy, and, as my children grew, I began to have some time to try to get back into shape.   I tried to do the strenuous activities I had done, but they were too much and I spent too much time recuperating.  That made it less likely for me to go back and do those same things.  I had thought about yoga for years, but it just didn't happen.  Then Yoga in ME opened right on my way home.  I took it as an opportunity.  I have been going for about four months, now.  I feel better physically from head to toe.  My core muscles are redeveloping and my back hurts far less than it has, and I now have many stretches to help if it does.  My legs are stronger and I am encouraged that I will be able to hike and skate like I used to do.  Beyond the physical, I love the meditative aspect of yoga, and working with [Nancy] and the other instructors has been an excellent calm focusing amidst a busy life.  Yoga is something I plan on doing for the rest of my life."

--Rich Moore, Eliot ME