Do you feel like there just isn't enough time?    

Are you striving to be a better parent, partner or care-giver?  

By taking the time to care for yourself you can find enough time for everything.    A regular yoga practice will give you the tools you need to bring the distractions down to a dull roar so you can focus your time and energy on the things that really matter to you.

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In 1999 I still thought I had to be perfect: I was a full-time over-achieving graduate student, was a wife to a man who was typically at work over 80 hours a week and,  almost entirely by myself, managed a household and parented my three children ages 6, 8 and 10, I volunteered at the elementary school, my house was immaculate, and so on. As a preacher’s kid from a small farming community in Wisconsin, I lived with the idea that people were watching me and that I needed to live up to their expectations. Although I wasn’t hooked into following conventions that didn’t make sense to me, for example, I didn’t have a t.v. in the house for many years, I definitely thought I should do everything I chose to do perfectly - as if I was being judged.

Not surprising,  I did not find joy in my life.  Read more about how yoga helped me change this and more...