Founded in December 2013, Yoga in ME is conveniently located on route 236 in Eliot ME -bordering the New Hampshire communities Portsmouth, Newington and Dover as well as the Maine communities York,  Kittery and South Berwick.     We offer drop-in classes for all levels including brand new beginners.    

Nancy Garnhart, co-owner and director, MS, LMT, E-RYT, C-IAYT

Nancy first started a serious yoga practice in 1999 to ease the stress of parenting three young children, running a household and being a full time graduate student. She was hooked by a vigorous style of yoga that helped bring the craziness in her head down to a dull roar and create a sense of calm in her life. The physical benefits of yoga were also unmistakable. Recurring incapacitating lower back pain disappeared and  postpartum urinary incontinence vanished.  Nancy uses the practice of yoga in all areas of her life. She endeavors to be mindful and compassionate whether she is teaching yoga, doing massage, walking in the woods, playing with her grandchildren or gardening. 

Nancy is a 500 hour graduate of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute with Beryl Bender Birch and a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She enjoys teaching a Power Yoga practice and modifying her classes to be accessible to everyone. She especially loves to teach brand new beginner classes, classes for "Boomers" and a weekly free yoga class for veterans.

Lydia Garnhart, Co-Owner and Studio Manager, RYT

Lydia has been practicing yoga since 2006. Initially she began her practice for the physical experience. After the birth of her first child, she began to enjoy yoga for the spiritual and emotional benefits that it brings to her life. Lydia enjoys a dynamic, physical practice but loves to center her practice and her classes around the breath. She brings her lighthearted sense of humor to her teaching, reminding herself and her students not to take yoga too seriously! She is passionate about “real food” cooking, green living, and spending time with her two daughters: Lilliana and Zinnia.

Barbara Dailey, E-RYT

Barbara enjoyed a long career as a financial executive within the managed healthcare industry and currently serves as Chair of her local Select Board. In 2002, while working in an extremely stressful environment, Barbara began a lunch time yoga program and was immediately struck by the favorable impact it had on the rest of her day – feeling more calm, less overwhelmed, and capable of taking on the rest of the day’s challenges. Increased strength and energy were a welcome benefit as well. Her commitment to yoga and desire to bring those benefits to others was formed.

Barbara’s goal as a teacher is to help students realize possibilities that may at first seem out of reach, and help them discover their own path to achieving them. With conscientious focus on breathing and clearing the cluttered mind, Barbara builds her classes to a create a meditation in motion and an opportunity for her students to cross their own physical and emotional barriers. She is particularly interested in making yoga asana practice accessible to beginners.

Barbara is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance and is currently pursuing a 300 hour certification with her mentor Beryl Bender Birch/The Hard & Soft Yoga Institute. Previous training includes 200 hour certification with Mimi Loureiro/O2 Yoga, 200 hour teacher training with Rae Lynn Stackpoole/Yoga On York and 100 hour teacher training with Baron Baptiste. Inspiration has also come from study with Ana Forrest, Rolf Gates and Josh Summers.

Erica Hoven, Instructor

Erica began her yoga journey in 2014 after sustaining an injury that left her unable to run.  An athlete her whole life, she was hooked by the physical practice, and slowly gained appreciation for the breathe awareness, balance, and focus that yoga brought to every aspect of her life.  She is inspired by the Astanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition and is grateful to her teachers Nancy Garnhart, Beryl Bender Birch, and Kimberly Dahlmann for sharing their passion and knowledge.  She is presently engaged in a 200 hour teacher training and will receive her certification this June from the Hard and Soft Yoga Institute.  Originally from Montana, Erica lived in Seattle for four years before moving East with her boyfriend, Rob, and her 120 lb. Rottweiler "lapdog" named Dewey.  The trio can often be seen exploring all the Seacoast's great landscapes.

Melinda Salazar, Instructor, RYT

Melinda practices and teaches an Iyengar influenced approach to yoga, an orderly and precise method to building strength, coordination, and flexibility with her 35 years of practicing the soft and supple martial art of Tai Chi to increase length, rotation and opening.  She has taught in public schools and higher education for over 35 years.  She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies with a focus on women, indigenous studies and rural community development.  Melinda has 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren.  She also has a jewelry business, Mesala Jewelry, at Art on the Hill in Kittery, Maine.  Melinda completed a 200 RYT at Yoga on the Hill and is presently engaged in a 300 hour training.  

Mike Weaver, Instructor

Having had a desultory relationship with yoga for many years, Mike began to study the Astanga tradition with Nancy Garnhart in 2006 and with Beryl Bender Birch in 2012.  Mike is currently engaged in the 200 hour teacher training at Yoga in ME. He aspires to share the yoga practice with others. When Mike is not practicing yoga, he enjoys playing Princess Jasmine with his grand-daughters and taking care of and counting his chickens.

Sarah Jones, Instructor, E-RYT 

Sarah was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She was trained in Vinyasa Flow 200+hr. Her practice started in 1999 with Anusara Yoga where she feels the root of her teaching comes from. She studies many different styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Anusara. Sarah believes in balancing your practice with masculine and feminine, muscular energy and organic energy, mind and body as well as heart opening. Her personal philosophy is to go upside-down everyday! She loves to challenge her students to not only try something new and exciting physically but to open up your mental and emotional possibilities to what the hour or so holds for you. Sarah believes yoga is a way to create a controlled confrontational situation so that when you get out into the world, you have the resources to breath and realign your body and mind in a way that will handle any stress. Most importantly Sarah loves to “play” and experiment with new and fun postures. She was also trained by Miniyogis, in Santa Monica, CA, to teach Kids Yoga.

Sheilah Carroll, Instructor

Sheilah was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. As a US Navy spouse she has moved more times than she'd like to count. She dabbled in various yoga classes before discovering Astanga Yoga with Nancy Garnhart.She found that over time everything seemed to be better in her life after adding yoga. She knew at that point that she needed to share this life altering practice with others. In June she will complete her teacher training with The Hard and Soft Yoga Institute. She lives in Kittery and has one dog, two semi-adult kids, three cats and a supportive non-yogi (for now) husband. She enjoys all things yoga, walking her 12 year old dog Scruffy, reading and practicing dirt therapy in her garden.