200 Hour Graduation June 2016

"I came to really enjoy and look forward to - practicing asana, meditating and breathing with the same people.  I would anticipate the coming monthly meeting and when it arrived, the weekend would stretch out before me promising a fabric of security, curiosity, the unknown - within and without.  The syllabus was rich and challenging and I saw it draw the class out individually and as a whole.  The faculty was varied, each excellent in their own way; it was always interesting to experience them as people, as teachers and to observe the different impact they each had on the group. "

"The anatomy study brought a strange new awareness to my sense of physical self while the sutra study shook and realigned my moral and mental focus."

"The course is a metaphysical, corporeal and spiritual adventure of valuable and uncertain outcome.  It continues to move through my life."

"Getting to know people of similar mind-set and attitude towards life was a real gift of this training. "

"I've made some lifelong friends and have wonderful teachers to guide me along my path. Thank you Nancy and Beryl for such an opportunity of a lifetime!"

"Nine months ago I was so nervous about attending yoga teacher training. I was wondering if I had made the right choice to apply. I initially thought that I wanted to just increase my knowledge base. I loved yoga, I wanted to know more about it. I was a little surprised and intimidated by the fact that about one half of our class had already been through a 200 hour program and were actively teaching. During that first weekend I felt like I'd been dropped into an advanced Sanskrit class and I had a very meager understanding of what Sanskrit even was. I showed up for what I thought would be "How to teach a yoga class' and what I received was so much more than that."

"In addition to more confidence in my teaching, I also feel my personal asana practice has deepened.  I feel like I am so much more “in tune” with my body both on and off the mat.  "

"Until this training I never understood the purpose of meditation. "

"I am so grateful to have taken this training. I will continue with all the lessons learned and keep studying , practicing , paying attention . Keep evolving . The journey continues , with open heart, mind and soul. "

" it's been a wild ride, inspiring, deep , fun , an incredible learning experience, a look within , a look without, a different look with new eyes . I became stronger , softer , found grace by  asking for it. I became closer to my true self by just doing the yoga , or as Beryl would say , doing the work. Learning how not only to be in the moment but staying there. "